Our Story

The Yogsar Journey
Nurturing Wellness, Spreading Joy

Yogsar’s story is rooted in a lifelong passion for yoga and a profound belief in holistic living. It began in childhood, when I eagerly followed my father’s yoga practice, igniting a lifelong love affair with the discipline.

My commitment to wellness grew with age, guiding me to mindful eating habits and informed choices. This holistic lifestyle was my constant through life’s challenges, travel and growth.

The pandemic became a turning point, deepening my yoga practice and sparking a wellness transformation. Devoting 1.5-2 hours daily, I witnessed remarkable physical and emotional changes.

In this period, the vision for Yogsar took shape. Certified by the esteemed Bodhi School of Yoga in Affiliation with Yoga Alliance, my mission became clear, to share the gift of wellness through integrated yoga and nutrition. Armed with Yoga Alliance affiliation and nutrition expertise, I aspired to enrich clients’ lives.

Yogsar was born from this profound calling, a testament to my belief that wellness is a universal right. Today, it stands as a beacon of light, offering yoga, nutrition and meditation to nurture body, mind and soul.

Our intention is to create a sanctuary of serenity, where individuals embrace their potential, find inner peace and live holistically. Join us on this journey, with ancient wisdom and modern science converge, empowering you to thrive in harmony.

At Yogsar, we are committed to inspiring wellness and spreading joy—one breath, one pose, one heart at a time.


We have trained individuals, Corporate employees and NGO employees successfully by customising programs as per their requirements.

Our next step is to conduct wellness retreats in different cities.

Wellness Weekends

Accompanying clients for wellness vacations.

Stay tuned for our updates.

Why Yogsar

Personalized Wellness Programs

Our programs are specially curated as per every individual's need ensuring personalized guidance

Expertise & Experience

With Yoga, Meditation and Mindful Eating, we ensure sustainable improvement in overall well-being

Coping With Modernity

Sapna is a certified teacher and holds mastery in every discipline of wellness, ensuring a transformative experience


Yogsar assists individuals in dealing with the stress of a fast-moving lifestyle without losing the natural essence within

Holistic Approach
to Health

We look forward to harmonizing your body, mind and soul, gifting you a healthy, disease-free lifestyle in every aspect


At Yogsar, our mission is to inspire holistic well-being through the fusion of ancient wisdom and modern science. We empower individuals to unlock inner peace, embrace their potential and thrive harmoniously. Through yoga, nutrition and meditation, we spread joy and cultivate a world where wellness is accessible to all.


Yogsar envisions a world where individuals find sanctuary in balanced living. Our aim is to be a guiding light, seamlessly integrating timeless practices with contemporary insights. We envision a global community radiating vitality, inner balance and profound well-being, fostering a culture of holistic health and happiness by conducting wellness retreats across the globe

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